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Rapper Sandwichez does the Bronx proud on 'PreciselyEntertainmentZones.Info'

Rap basically began in the Bronx, and it’s been fertile ground for the genre ever since. Just a short list of great rappers from the Bronx include Grandmaster Flash, Kid Cudi, Slick Rick, and, perhaps my second favorite rapper of all-time after Nas (another New Yorker, obviously), KRS-One.  


One of the latest New York exports is Sandwichez, whose style is as unique as his name. His most recent album, PreciselyEntertainmentZones.Info, shows his range as a rapper. It also shows his business prowess, as the title is a website he’s creating that attempts to bring rappers and creative types together. It’s his fourth album.

Sandwichez, who came out with his first releases as Reeko Dollaz and then Reeko, is proud of his birthplace. “It influenced me to listen first before I spoke,” he says. The Bronx is definitely in his blood, and you can tell throughout each of his albums.

What’s the story behind his name? It’s far from gimmicky. “I’m Sandwichez because it’s convenient,” he says, “when one person is hungry we all eat and I’m responsible for that energy.” His birth name is Enrico Madrid, which would be a pretty cool rap name on its own, actually.

His creative output has been prolific since taking on the new name, as he’s released three albums since 2019: Mean Cold, Earthlings, and A Royal Family. Each are filled with the effortless, no-holds-barred hip-hop featured on


Highlights from his earlier albums include the old-school-meets-new-school of “Best Life,” mellotron sample led “Director’s Cut,” laid back “Fan,” “What’s Going On,” and “Stay,” which features a crazy mix of keyboards.

Sandwichez collaborates with many Bronx-born producers. “I have been in collaboration with many different producers over the years, although I don’t produce, the producers I work with are like family,” he says. “I really like the industry… I was influenced by East and West Coast beef, Bad Boy and Death Row Records.”

PreciselyEntertainmentZones.Info is Sandwichez’s most confident album yet. Interestingly, it begins with Boris Johnson’s hilarious and somewhat unhinged farewell message. It sets the tone for a timely, up-to-date album.

The effortless flow of Sandwichez is apparent on album opening “Never.” “Contracts” begins with some Asian sounding synths before easing into a laid back, multi-layered beat. “Right” combines a thick, heavy beat with an ethereal female voice as a memorable hook, while “Clicking” is also highlight. “Crayola” is the most aggressive song on the album.

There are many guests on PreciselyEntertainmentZones.Info, and each make their presence felt. They include Gemini the Queen (“Even”), Dnyastemotruce and Diana Ducassi (“Clicking”), Lingo the Hitmaker (“Guard Up”), and RW Koola (“Good Morning,” “Outro A Parallel Universe.”

Will Sandwichez one day take his place among the great rappers who came from the Bronx? Only time will tell. It’s certainly true, though, that he’s doing his hometown proud on PreciselyEntertainmentZones.Info.

Erik Ritland is a songwriter and journalist from Nashville, Tennessee. He's released 13 records and EPs, most recently 2021's innovative movie album Old Dog Almost Gone. His journalism has been featured on Something Else! Reviews, Music in Minnesota, and more, and his articles have been shared by members of bands as diverse as KISS, the Monkees, Son Volt, and Low Cut Connie.