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Indian, modern, jazz, pop, and experimental: The multitudes of ‘Into the Mahamaya Experience Vol. 1’

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It’s hard to keep up with ‘Into the Mahamaya Experience, Vol 1,’ and that’s a good thing. The multi-part suite encompasses Indian music, modern sounds, and jazz, with a whole lot of experimental/avant garde thrown in for good measure.


The Mahamaya Experience specialize in rhythmic, melodic, hope-filled South and South East Asian music. The best way to experience them is to visit their website, which is a total mind trip, and is a good supplement to their music. The graphic design is truly out of this world.


The group have had many releases over the years, all of which you can find on their website. They include Sonata #1, Come Back My Love, and Butterfly Sitar Jam.


The 13+ minute epic that is “Into the Mahamaya Experience, vol. 1” begins with a couple brief pieces of buoyant instrumental music that are equal parts modern and classical Indian. There’s then a slower, more emotive section with calming vocals.


This is followed by another smattering of parts, each of which come at you with vigor. The soundscapes are always interesting, with layers of keyboards and instruments always keeping you guessing. The vocals are also a highlight.


At one point around 4:00, the drums kick in and go crazy, before fading out and making way for another calmer section.


One major highlight of ‘Into the Mahamaya Experience, vol. 1’ is the percussion. It is the anchor throughout the piece, always adding necessary flavor. The well-placed sitar and other Asian instruments and keyboards are also a highlight.


The epic track wraps up with a fast section led by a flurry of keyboards. It’s a fitting end that evokes the artwork on the bands website.

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