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Review: Doni Gameo’s ‘Ecstasy’

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It’s safe to say that Romanain songwriter, musician, and producer Doni Gameo brings a unique perspective to his music.


He’s released an incredibly large amount of tracks in the last two years, which you can find on his YouTube page. Highlights include “Up and Move,” “Bloom,” “A New Day,” “Fight or Flight,” “The Lounge,” and “Nebula Park.” His most recent songs include “Night Drive,” “Evolution,” “Permutation” and “Fading Day.”


One of Gameo’s most recent releases is “Ecstasy.” The electronic dance track is propelled by layers of keyboards and synths, including a very up front, attention-grabbing organ. Layers of synths are backed by thick, pulsating drum beats that pleasantly assault your ears, and fit in with the keyboards effortlessly.


“Ecstasy” is the fifth track on mini-album Within, which is Gameo’s latest release of dance and synth heavy pop. Each track has its own sound and appeal, but they also coalesce together well. For example, “Evolution” has some of the same sort of electronic sound as “Ecstasy,” but it includes more organic sounds, including a piano, and is a bit more laid back. Each track from Within is worth listening to.


Dance and electronic music are the biggest, most popular forms of music around the world. Most of the top spots on streaming platforms like Spotify are filled with DJs and electronic musicians. With so many people trying it, and with its vast popularity, it’s difficult to be unique and original, but Doni Gameo certainly achieves this.


Be sure to visit Doni Gameo’s YouTube page to check out “Ecstasy” and all of his songs

Erik Ritland is a songwriter and journalist from Nashville, Tennessee. He's released 13 records and EPs, most recently 2021's innovative movie album Old Dog Almost Gone. His journalism has been featured on Something Else! Reviews, Music in Minnesota, and more, and his articles have been shared by members of bands as diverse as KISS, the Monkees, Son Volt, and Low Cut Connie.